Rose By Any Other Name


She has to navigate the reaction of her friends (they aren’t thrilled) and her family (they are). The series, which is a comedy, deals with the many issues and stereotypes that face bisexuals. Each week, a new episode will debut.

Rose is a web series all about modern life, love and manners in which a comfortably out and proud woman who identifies as Lesbian and a nice progressive straight man serendipitously meet and then unexpectedly find themselves falling for each other. Many complications abound and confusion, hilarity (& some angst) and thoughtfulness ensue as our intrepid and very human protagonists navigate Life In These Times.

Schickner formed FenceSitter Films in 1995 and immediately started production on “Rose By Any Other Name…” which was based on Schickner’s successful play. FenceSitter Films was “founded on the belief that films don’t need straight white men as heroes in order to be successful and entertaining.” Schickner has said , “I wanted to make films a person of color, a woman, or a bisexual person would enjoy watching.”

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Episode 1: “A pair of star-cross’d lovers”

Debut of the web series about a lesbian who falls in love with a man and has to deal with coming out all over again.

“It Gets Better” by the cast of “Rose By Any Other Name

The cast of the popular Bisexual/LGBT web series “Rose By Any Other Name“give their support to bisexual teens out there in the “It Gets Better” campaign.

Watch All Of Season 1

Watch Season 2 Episode 1

Watch Season 2 Episode 2

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