Embracing “Barriers to Love: Embracing a Bisexual Identity”


This book is genuine and intriguing and takes us on a path to discovering a bisexual identity with the author.

Barriers To Love Book

Part of what makes it so genuine is that it is biographical. In “Barriers to Love,” psychotherapist Marina Peralta uses her own life story to address the question of bisexual identity. Set in Mexico and California, Marina reveals how early sexual abuse led to sexual confusion in her adolescence. Feeling abandoned by her first boyfriend, comforted by a lesbian, and controlled by her widowed mother, she marries an emotionally detached man, and then finds love with a woman. With vivid honesty, she portrays her relationships and shows why the person, and not the gender, guides her choice of partner.

Marina is a strong-willed, capable and fearless woman who struggles with many societal pressures of her time. She lives in a the Roman Catholic dominated Mexican culture. From the 1950’s to the present, she finds her way relocating from Mexico to the United States, making many changes along the way. Marina lives with and recovers from the trauma of early sexual abuse and a love affair with a woman. She marries and raises a family but returns to explore her bisexuality. Throughout all of this she changes careers from a dancer and businesswoman,she goes on to become a psychotherapist.

Her story is exciting and inspirational because she is able to accomplish so much in the midst of stifling societal dictates.

As an accomplished dancer and later, a psychotherapist, she seeks love and rejects social conventions during a time when gender and sexual equality were not the norm. She blossoms as a person when she realizes that she can have successful relationships after she comes to terms with her bisexuality she is able to help others.

The book is candid and fearless and her reflections at the end of the book are educational and illuminating. It is now available in Spanish: barrerasparaamar.com


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