The Bi Guy on ‘Geordie Shore’


“Geordie Shore” is the British version of “Jersey Shore” (get the sound-alike?). The show is based in Newcastle upon Tyne, and first started in May 2011, and has made some groundbreaking TV moments.

But England allows much more explicit material than what they did on “Jersey Shore.”They can say the F-word, show a flash of nudity, and even have explicit sex talk while actually doing it under the covers.

And, you can see most of it online on the MTV website. (Yes, there are the proper warnings about sexual content, nudity and profanity).

Also, none of the U.S. reality show’s characters came out as bisexual until long after the series ended (Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi was pretty clear about it).


However, in the UK version, not only did they just add a new character, it happens to be the first bisexual on the show in 10 seasons, and he’s the first black character, too.

Nathan Henry is 23 and gorgeous, and very proudly bisexual. When he became the first person on the new series to “shag” someone on the show, there was a Twitter explosion of haters, and Nathan responded promptly.

In the show, (available to watch online) Nathan picks up a cute guy named Andrew, and they get naked and raunchy back at the house in bed. As Nathan dives under the covers, he talks about what he is seeing and what he is doing.

The next day, the viewers were incensed that the randy bisexual was the first to get laid on the show. Even though all of the other housemates have fooled around on camera, the first time of the season was by a bisexual, and that was too much for some fans to handle.

Nathan responded:

“To all those who have a problem with what happened on last nights show, YES it may have been a bit OTT and not everyone’s cup of tea, but Geordie Shore is a reality TV show what’s purpose is to portray reality. Not only that but I made reality TV history last night, how many of you haters can say you have done that? NONE.”

“Last night I provided a stepping stone for things like that to be shown in aspects of media because like it or not the LGBT community DOES EXIST and we have no intention of going anywhere. Therefore I’m proud of what I did and who I am as I achieve something, have you?”

He wrote on Instagram and Twitter, simply adding, “I’m proud of what I did and who I am…”

So, not only was he the first bisexual on the show, he was the first to get down and dirty with another guy on the show. He says in the show, that he saw the “blonde beauty” on the dance floor and they went from kissing to touching pretty quickly.

Nathan’s co-star Holly Hagan on the show came to his defense, saying, “Very very empowered by this status and extremely proud of @nathanhgshore to have come into the house knowing that this had never been done before and to be so openly comfortable with his sexuality is to be admired! People need to realize this is 2015 and ‘coming out’ shouldn’t even be something that has to happen now! Love holds no bounds and small minded people should f— off back to the 1900s! #geordieshoreshore #LGBT #freedom.”

More about Nathan: He is his own person and while he may fit some bi stereotypes, he doesn’t fit them all:

  • He is not 50-50. No, Nathan isn’t equally attracted to guys or girls. He says he’s probably 70 percent attracted to guys, but in a recent episode he is caught smooching with a girl, and he says he likes it. One of his female roommates says, “You saw me naked, I thought you were gay!”
  • He is not into 3-ways. No, although he plays around, he says he’s not into threesomes and “doesn’t like to share.”
  • Family values. Yes, his family accepts his bisexuality. When he told his mother, she said, “What, do you want a medal?”
  • Bigtime partier. Yes, he’s a party animal, and yet he kept his grades up at college. Being on the show, however, makes this a requirement pretty much.

So, the first bisexual on “Geordie Shore” is making appropriate waves, playing some typical stereotypes, but overall, it’s not that bad.

And Nathan keeps telling his followers he wasn’t ashamed of his sexuality. He Tweeted: “I’m not ashamed at all of what you have all seen, #GeordieShore is a reality TV show, & guess what b***hes s**t like that happens in reality.”


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