Comparing Penises in Bisexual Comedy ‘The Overnight’


A fascinating R-rated comedy debuted earlier this year at the Sundance Film Festival that has the mainstream actors talking about their penises.

Actors Adam Scott and Jason Schwartzman star in “The Overnight” which is about a sleepover between two adult couples and their sexual interests in each other. The incidental bisexuality and same-sex interest in each other among the couples is said to be handled in a rather mature, but comical, way.

Also in the film is Taylor Schilling from the Netflix series Orange Is the New Black and she is not new at playing a bisexual, because her character is so bi in that series.

Schilling and Scott play young parents who moved to Los Angeles and don’t have any friends. Schwartzman and his wife (played by French actress Judith Godreche) meet the couple at a Silver Lake park, and their two sons become fast friends. So, they have them over to a play date. When the boys go to bed, the parents get drunk and stoned, and their clothes start to come off.

There’s bisexual subtext throughout the dinner as the couples try to figure each other out, but then they decide to go skinny-dipping in the pool. It’s then that Schwartzman’s character takes off his boxers and Scott exclaims that he has a “giant goddamn horse cock!”

The hip father can’t take his eyes off his new friend’s member (and apparently it’s shown quite a lot on camera). The actors are quick to say that the appendage is a prosthetic that’s places over their actual genitals (in both cases).

Scott’s fascination with the huge member is significant because he confesses he has a “micropenis.” But eventually, the guys are happy with their endowments and end up dancing and bouncing around fully naked.

Scott, by the way, is used to these penis appendages because he wore one on HBO’s Tell Me You Love Me. That was long before he was on the TV series Parks and Recreation.

Awkward even more because the faux phalluses had to be vetted by both the director Patrick Brice and co-producer, Naomi Scott (who’s married to Adam, wh0se character has the small one).

Their interviews at Sundance were awkward, but funny, for example, this interchange with

Have you been able to get through any of these interviews without talking about your penises?

Adam Scott: No, I think it’s a pretty hot topic.

Jason Schwartzman: It is a hot topic, but when you say “your penises,” honestly, I do feel slightly like it’s cheating, because —

Scott: — it’s not our penises.

Schwartzman: Because they are prosthetics, I really do feel like we can talk about this, and it’s quite easy to talk about.

Scott: Yeah, totally.

They agreed that the scenes with the full-frontal nudity was not gratuitous and actually crucial to the movie. The actors also discussed the easy bisexuality and fluid couplings that seemed to find with each other Schwartzman: This is new to these people. I think they’re all scared. Even Kurt [Schwartzman’s character], who, theoretically, is trying to motivate this at the earliest, I think is nervous, too. Like he didn’t expect maybe this to happen.

Scott: I think it’s really lovely. I think it’s really nice.

It’s not about swingers, or the L.A. swingers scene. The movie is about how adults make friends, awkward social interactions and bromancing.

But, for director Patrick Brice, when prepping for the movie, looking through all the prosthetic penises, large and small, in the warehouse “was the best day of my life,” he laughs.

The movie is set to open to the public June 19, 2015.


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