Superheroes Who Are Played by Bisexual Actors


In the world of superheroes, there are many that people can identify with because they are misfits found in places where they are often shunned, or feared. And so they need to excel, and many of them selflessly accomplish great things in order to help the mortals around them.

The X-Men for example, are mutants who are obviously very different from the norm, and so they gather together in secret to hone and enhance their skills in order to help the common good.

Director Bryan Singer, long before he came out as bisexual, has talked about how the X-Men comic books helped him cope with his feelings of being different. Singer directed five X-Men films and wrote four of them. He also produced “Valkyrie,” “Superman Returns” and “Jack the Giant Slayer.” He fathered a child last year.

In the first “X-Men” movie there was a painful coming-out and rejection by parents of one of the characters that made the obvious connection of the mutant powers toward being sexually diverse.

To continue on with the metaphor of feeling like an outsider, Singer is working on “X-Men: Apocalypse” now and it will all be part of a three-part film series starting with “X-men: First Class” and continued by“X-men: Days of Future Past.” Although most superheroes don’t express their sexualities rather blatantly in the comic books (nor should they all the time),they do carry with them some of the traits of the actors they play, Singer muses.

Here are some other superheroes whose real-life personas are bisexual (or pretty close), but not necessarily their characters.

Andy Mientus as Pied Piper

The actor said he was honored to portray the first gay character in the DC Comics world when he took the role on TV’s “The Flash.” In real life, Mientus is an unapologetic bisexual and says, “There’s no visibility for bisexual people. I hope to use my modicum of renown from the show to be one more voice for visibility.”

Now in a relationship with a man, Mientus explains that he is still bisexual. His character, The Pied Piper can manipulate sound waves, and he is considered a villain.

Anna Paquin as Rogue

Not only does this actress challenge odd questions about bisexuality from the media, she has an Academy Award (for a distinctly non-superhero film).

But Rogue can feel empathy and heal quickly, and she can put herself in the role of others, which is perfect for a bisexual actress to playing the “X-Men” movie world. It was her character that found Wolverine and began the movie series of the X-Men world on film.

On TV, she stars in the “True Blood” series and in real life married her co-star
Stephen Moyer. She had to explain step-by-step, to famous interviewer Larry King, that she is still bisexual even though she is married and chooses not to be with women anymore, but could have a relationship with one if she were no longer married to Stephen.

Cara Delevingne as Enchantress.

This former model has been out as bisexual and she will play Enchantress in the upcoming movie “Suicide Squad” from the DC comics. This film adaptation is getting a lot of Internet buzz because it will also feature The Joker and Harley Quinn as major characters in the storyline.

Delevingne has spoken about her same-sex interest in multiple interviews and most recently was linked to bisexual actress Michelle Rodriguez from “The Fast and Furious.”

Colton Haynes as Arsenal/Red Arrow

Not to out him prematurely, but Colton Haynes has been seen with women on his arm, and he has been linked to a relationship with Jarreth Ludwig.He frequents a gay piano bar in New York and is in the No H8 campaign with his brother and his brother’s husband with a daughter they are raising.

Jared Leto as The Joker

Jared Leto won an Academy Award for playing a trans drag queen,and he was quoted in an interview in 2006 that he was “gay as a goose.” Nevertheless, the handsome actor who also sings in his own band, is notoriously out with women, famous and not.

Actor Alexis Arquette, who is transgender and has transitioned asa woman, has claimed to have had sex with him when he was a man. Leto will be playing the character of The Joker for the first time since the late Heath Ledger won an Academy Award for the role.

There’s a complete list that includes gays and lesbians on Next, we will try to have a comprehensive list of bisexuals in comics.


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