Amy Winehouse Documentary Side Steps Her Bisexuality


Amy Winehouse

The documentary “Amy” about the talented bisexual singer Amy Winehouse tells us nearly everything we want to know about the troubled singer who died long before her time—except her bisexuality.

Filmmaker Asif Kapadia was able to get material from any close friends of Winehouse,including two boyfriends, her ex-husband and two girlfriends, but none of them talked about her very open declarations about bisexuality. And yet, this is as personal as a documentary gets.

There are beautiful poignant moments of Winehouse as a small child, and some show her when she’s among friends before she became famous. The never-before-seen personal footage shows a girl who is genuine and yet always a showman. At the same time, she’s painfully shy and woefully unprepared for the intense media attention that would eventually lead to her demise.

Winehouse’s characteristic voice and pure jazz feel is documented by famous co-horts such as crooner Tony Bennett, hip hop artist Yashin Bey, Republic Records CEO Monte Lipman, musician Peter Doherty and many others. Unfortunately, so is her devastating battle with drugs and alcohol.

The recent documentary about Kurt Cobain did not mention his potential bisexuality,even though he openly talked about the possibility himself. But, in Winehouse’s life, it wasn’t the subject of speculation. She was pretty blatant about it.She disclosed her sexuality a number of times to the press, and even was allegedly responsible for breaking up some female couples. Her ex-husband, Blake Fielder,said in their divorce papers that she had relationships with both men and women.

“For me, she was like a girl from down the road,” Director Kapadia says in the press notes. “I grew up in the same part of the world. It could be someone I knew, someone I was friends with or might havegone to school with.”

The documentary spells out the words to her songs as she sings. Many of them are very poignant and significant to the time period that is being portrayed in the movie. Her lyrics are always very personal. Many of the people who wanted to keep quiet about her spoke out for the first time in the film.

If you didn’t know much about Amy Winehouse, this film may capture you as a fan of her amazing voice. The audience can see the behind-the-scenes story to songs like “Rehab” and watch the barrage of flash bulbs that haunted her toward the end of her life.

She died at the age of 27. Four years later, this is a portrait of this sexy,brilliant and multi-faceted artist. Whether you love her or not, this is a fantastic portrayal of a talented bisexual artist.

The documentary will be released worldwide on July 2, 2015


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