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It’s a complicated casting. Hot, sexy young actor Tom Hardy, who came out – for a time – as bisexual and then said he was misquoted, will be playing a real-life bisexual character in a new movie.

Life imitating art? Art imitating life?

Actor Tom Hardy is 37 and stunningly handsome. He’s British, has been married twice and has a child. Hardy was also named one of GQ‘s 50 best dressed British men in 2015.

He was in the recent “Mad Max: Fury Road” film, as well as “Inception” and “Black Hawk Down.” One of the most obviously gay roles he’s ever played was as a closeted mobster named Handsome Bob in RocknRolla opposite Gerard Butler.

Now, Hardy is going to play both twins:  Ronnie and Reggie Kray. They were notorious gangsters and criminals. Ronnie Kray was openly bisexual, while Reggie was always gay. The identical twin gangsters terrorized London during the 1950s and 1960s.

The trailer of the movie shows clearly that they’re not going to hide the Kray twins’ sexuality. In the trailer, a man offers him a female escort and he says, “I prefer boys. Italian, sometimes Greek. But I’m not prejudiced.”

And, it seemed that Hardy had the same attitude when he told the Daily Mail in London that he had sexual relations with other men in his teens and early 20s.

His quotes seem pretty definitive:

Have you ever had any sexual relations with men?

 “As a boy? Of course I have. I’m an actor for f**k’s sake. I’m an artist. I’ve played with everything and everyone. But I’m not into men sexually. I love the form and the physicality but the gay sex bit does nothing for me. In the same way as a wet vagina would turn someone else into a lemon-sucking freak. To me it just doesn’t compute now.  I’m into my 30s and it doesn’t do it for me and I’m done experimenting.”

“I’m done experimenting but there’s plenty of stuff in a relationship with another man, especially gay men, that I need in my life. A lot of gay men get my thing for shoes. I have definite feminine qualities… and a lot of gay men are incredibly masculine.’”

In a book about the Kray twins called, Notorious: The Immortal Legend Of The Kray Twins, the author said: “In adolescence they found they were homosexual. … And, they were so concerned to keep their secret hidden that for a while the only sex they had was with each other.” While in prison, Ronnie Kray is said to have had a long-term gay relationship with a prisoner named Bradley Allardyce.

“Legend” will hit UK theaters in September, though Universal has not set a U.S. release date. Cross Creek Pictures and Working Title teamed to produce the movie, which hails from “42” director Brian Helgeland, who won an Oscar for writing “L.A. Confidential.”

Should it debut this year as expected, it would be the fifth 2015 film release for Hardy, who can currently be seen in “Child 44” and next stars in the murder mystery musical “London Road.”


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