Lady Gaga plays bisexual in ‘American Horror Story’


Lady Gaga American Horror Story

No, she’s not quite playing herself, but out and proud bisexual Lady Gaga is going to be playing a bisexual in the new “American Horror Story: Hotel” series starting next season.

The announcement was made at the annual Television Critics Association interviews in Los Angeles by show co-creator and writer Ryan Murphy.

Lady Gaga is going to play the hotel owner, a sexy vixen named Elizabeth. Gaga, 29, will be blonde to play this character. And, she’s going to have affairs (sometimes simultaneously) with characters played by real-life gay actor Matt Bomer as well as Angela Bassett and Cheyenne Jackson. She is one of the sexually-fluid characters in the upcoming FX series that promises to be edgy and very violent.

According to his description, Murphy said, “Elizabeth is a very wealthy social doyenne who is consumed with art and fashion and people and she has a nefarious plan that is revealed in the first episode and plays out over the course of the season.”

The series will see the return of Kathy Bates, Sarah Paulson and young actress Chloe Sevigny, who appeared in the second season and in real life has toyed with the bi identity.

This round of stories is taking place in a creepy hotel, which is based on a true story about a woman who disappeared in a Los Angeles hotel, and whose body was found years later in the water tower. In the past, there have been sexually frisky characters in the haunted house, the witches’ coven, the freak show and the insane asylum.

Bassett, who attended the TV Critics press interviews and played a character with three breasts in the last “Horror Story,” described her character and her relationship with Lady Gaga, whom she called by her real name “Stefani.”

Bassett said, “I play Ramona Royale, and I’m sexy as well, yet not in a drug addict-y kind of way. And I have a very strong real lasting relationship with Stefani’s character.”

There’s another character with a bisexual theme, the one played by Denis O’Hare.

“I’m playing Liz Taylor, movie icon,” O’Hare explained. The character ins’t supposed to be movie starlet Elizabeth Taylor, but a character inspired by actress’s famous roles in “Butterfield ” and “Cleopatra.” O’Hare said, “I shaved my head for the part — and other body parts. I work in the hotel and the lounge called Blue Parrot Lounge.”

Show co-creator Brad Falchuk said that O’Hare’s character and some of the other characters play a bit more with bisexuality than the past shows. He said about the sexual experimentation of the characters: “I think part of the fun of it, I think, is when that stuff happens on screen now on television, it’s less of a thing… It doesn’t feel as special — in a good way.”

“American Horror Story: Hotel” premieres Oct. 7 on FX.

The new FX series debuts Oct. 7.


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