Stein Erik Hagen: Nine Fun Facts about Norway’s Bi Billionaire


Stein Erik HagenA hot new bisexual billionaire is looking for love again. He’s 59 years old, rather good looking, and has four children. With an  estimated worth of $4.3 billion, he’s one of the richest guys in Norway.

Stein Erik Hagen was married twice to women, and is very candid about his bisexuality. He came out on a popular Norwegian talk show and said simply, “I gradually discovered I was bisexual.”

Want to meet him? But before you do, here are some fun facts about him you may want to know:

* He was almost 30 when he realized he was bisexual. “I gradually discovered that I was attracted to men,” he says.

* Both of his ex-wives knew about his bisexuality. He was open to both of them before he came out publicly. All of his family and all of his friends also know. “It comes as no surprise to them,” he says.

*He waited because he wanted his children to be older when he came out to the world.  “I have full support from the kids,” he said. “It feels good. They support me 100 percent.”

* Is he seeing anyone? Nope. And, he adds, “I’m open to everything.”

* Homosexuality was decriminalized when Hagen was only 16. He wasn’t out but was always a gay rights supporter and campaigner.

* He founded the RIMI discount store chain with his father in the 1970’s and then sold it to Sweden. Now he owns Orkla, a leading supplier of branded consumer goods and concept solutions to the grocery sector. Orkla has 13,000 employees.

* Size does matter. He owns one of the biggest sailboats in Europe.

* He once owned his own island in the Caribbean, which he has sold.

* Born July 22, 1956, same birthday as David Spade, Danny Glover, Willem Dafoe and Alex Trebek.



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