Bisexual Filmmaker Launches Into Her #SelfDiscovery


tumblr_nwlehw0RNd1qci6c8o5_400Actress, artist, filmmaker, bisexual, coach. Alexia Anastasio is effervescent, passionate, ambitious, talented and now she is off on her own #SelfDiscovery. The hashtag campaign is helping her promote her extremely robust crew for a film inspired by her personal experiences.

“I would love to inspire as many millennials as possible,” Alexia says. “Relationships aren’t always easy but the first step is who are you and where do you find your happiness?”

She dives into what it’s like being in a bisexual relationship, the struggles with jealousy, and feeling comfortable in your own skin. It’s about wanting attention and feeling valued.

Alexia explains, “I am make this movie to show the female experience of living and dating in Los Angeles with all the stigmas and pressures of society to the extreme. It is important for this story to be told and seen.”

That is just a little of the past history of this thriving 34-year-old.  She created eight independent films and was featured on HBO’s “Bored to Death,” VH1’s “If you like…” commercial and Vetiver “Everyday” music video. She now will focus on the latest subject of her passion, “The Fantastic Santa Monaco.”

The scene is set in Santa Monica and the main characters Aqua and Becca are looking for a more authentic and deeper connection. Finally, they find it but only after they open themselves up to the universe, animal spirit guides, energy healers and meditation, where they find a meaning to their existence. Aqua has chosen performance art on the pier as her profession and Becca is a model but would like to try her hand at fashion design. Neither has any interest in the normal 9-to-5 picket fence existence.

Alexia says, “I am asking you to join me in my journey. Let’s show that we do have hope that art and love wins!”

You can help her by simply spreading the word, or donating to her campaign through November. She offers all sorts of perks, such as “dancing to your favorite song” for $100 and being an extra in the film for $1,000 and all sorts of other benefits.

“The Fantastic Santa Monaco” features  a group of interesting performance artists who seek love, connection and significance in the tough artsy world of Los Angeles. Two of the main characters are bisexual and two of the supporting characters are a lesbian couple.

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