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For three seasons, the sexy boy werewolf and the sexy boy vampire have played around with their attractions for each other in the original Netflix series “Hemlock Grove.” They fooled around with the same girls, seen each other naked, and they’ve toyed around with other bisexual characters in their lives.

But, in the third season (SPOILER ALERT!) it goes way beyond that. Their love for each other ends up ripping the heart out of another (literally, unfortunately).

This is a binge-worthy series for the average sci-fi loving bisexual. It is especially true for someone who hated the poor acting of the “Twilight” series and has been longing for the overt bisexual portrayals of Anne Rice’s vampires. This series is based on a book by Brian McGreevy, and the show is produced by Eli Roth who did the shocking “Hostel” movies.

Of course, it was controversial that in the middle of the second season they end up in bed together with the same girl, and it seems like they’ve consummated their attraction for each other.

The actors loved to talk about their liaisons in interviews, too. The story of the series follows rich and sexy Roman Godfrey who is a privileged heir to a fortune, played by the tall and skinny Bill Skarsgard. He likes to suck blood, and is a vampire (actually an upyr) who can live in the daylight.

Then, there’s his hairy school friend, Peter Rumancek played by the doe-eyed long-haired Landon Liboiron. This hirsuite lad turns into a werewolf (and actually is fearful that he may turn into a more sinister vargulf who turns at any moon). He comes from a gypsy family distinctly on the other side of the tracks.

They live in the little town called Hemlock Grove, Pennsylvania, where there seems to be a constant string of strange deaths. The town of Hemlock Grove is centered around the Godfrey tower, which rises as a massive phallic white tower looming in the background of practically every scene. Roman is the rich boy who inherits the medical center, and Peter is the poor gypsy who becomes his unlikely friend.

The metaphor of their dual natures, and their wild secrets is clear.

And so, it’s in episode six of season 2 in  “Such Dire Stuff” where a blonde stranger Miranda (played by Madeline Brewer) coaxes the two of them in bed together. By the next episode, called “Lost Generation,” they’re naked and a little stunned and shy all about that night before.

“So, last night was kinda—,” Peter stutters.

“Of unexpected?” Roman asks.

“Yes, unexpected,” Peter says.

Then, a very rosy Miranda comes in practically nude singing, “What’s up buttercups?”

She gets a little put-off by the guys being a bit uncomfortable. “Let’s not trip, OK? Guys, it’s the 21st century. This will only be weird if you make it weird.”

And later, when Peter’s cousin catches wind of their liaison, he says, “We’re all very cool with each other.”

When asked about the threesome, actor Bill Skarsgard says, “We’re suckers for blondes.”


The actors at first didn’t like the whole idea of the love triangle that mirrored “Vampire Diaries” or “Twilight,” and it would have been more explicit in HBO’s “True Blood,” which Bill’s brother, Alexander Skarsgard starred in.

“It would be interesting to see how that sex scene played out,” Bill muses.

The actors are amused that their characters would have had sex with each other for the sake of a girl, but they admit that the shocking three-way was more to get the two guys back together. What started off as a serious bromance in the first two seasons suffered drastically with some major incidents, and this was a way of reuniting the two.

Actor Landon Liboiron, the hairy one, said, “The love was just between Roman and Peter” and Bill says the girl was “just the third wheel.”

Landon adds that the threesome was “a symbol of them uniting back into a team.”

Bill adds, “The audience will feel, ‘Oh finally.’”

Their homoerotic connections were apparent in the early episodes. When Peter confesses to Roman that he’s a werewolf, Roman passes him a note in class and asks, “Can I watch?”

“Hemlock Grove” is filled with homoerotic scenes, but they’re handled subtly. It’s a cool, brutal and youth-oriented series.

For example, from the very first scene of the series, a female teacher makes a pass at a girl in her class. She leaves the student a time and place in her book, then the teacher gets a voicemail of the girl screaming while being ripped to shreds.

In another early scene, Roman makes a guy bully kiss another guy. He urges, “Kiss him, kiss his pretty little mouth.” And, he does.

Peter says to Roman, “I think half the reason you talk to me is because of the way people look when you talk to me.” Of course, all eyes on the school are on the guys.

While riding in Roman’s car, Peter shouts, “Nikolai has the biggest boner in heaven right now.” Then, Peter explains to a shocked Roman that it’s his grandfather, who loved cool cars.

A girl (actress Freya Tingley) comes across a dead nude female body and kisses her.

A sexy female detective (played by actress Kandyse McClure) wakes up and is next to a woman. It’s almost incidental.

A psychic named Destiny is very bisexual and seems to have sex with anyone. In the first season, she teases a male and female couple about how to improve their sex lives. She has a relationship with a woman, and then gets engaged to a man.

Mother Olivia Godfrey (Famke Janssen) shows some of her attraction to women in the third season, and Dr. Pryce (Joel de la Fuente) comes out as gay and courts a new boyfriend.

It’s Dr. Pryce who finally asks Roman about his relationship with Peter.

“I always wondered if your relationship was more,” Dr. Pryce asks. “He is a very handsome young man. It’s a logical assumption.”

“Wrong assumption,” answers Roman, more pouty than insulted.

“You make it sounds like I’m accusing you of a high crime,” Pryce responds.

Does Roman protest too much?

Also, in another intimate moment between the guys, Roman says, “Being raised by a single mother makes you sensitive to chicks and stuff.” Peter responds with, “Well, I’m a pretty sensitive guy.”

That’s the kind of stuff that makes “Hemlock Grove” deliciously wonderful to watch.



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