Bisexual bad-boy Andy Dick Gets Clean


Andy-Dick-Headshot-adjustedHe says if Andy Dick can do it, anyone can. And that’s getting clean and sober.

Andy Dick made being bisexual a joke when the sloshy comic appeared on many of the Comedy Central celebrity roasts. He has always been rather open about liking both men and women, but he’s also had trouble with alcohol, resulting in very public arrests and accidents.

He has seen the inside of a rehab. facility 13 different times, and now lucky 13 is a charm. He thanks his recovery center in Malibu for saving his life, and his career. And he makes it clear that addiction is a disease; bisexuality is normal and the two have nothing to do with each other.

He says, “If Andy Dick can…anybody can. I’m talking about sobriety. Look, I don’t think I’ve ever written a long, heartfelt Facebook post in my life. God knows I rarely read them, but I need to do this. I have over a year sober now.”

The 50-year-old comic has a countdown for his sobriety, and isn’t ashamed of it: “To be exact: 1.12 years, or 13.48 months, or 411 days, or 9,858 hours, however you want to count it. Looks like I’m almost at the 10,000 hour watermark which supposedly makes me an ‘expert.’ In what? Recovery? Sobriety? Who knows?”

Andy names the SOBA founder Greg Hannley for helping him. “All I do know is I could not have done this without Greg Hannley and SOBA Recovery Center. They saved my life when almost everyone, except my kids and baby mama, had given up on me. I had even given up on myself. I’m no stranger to getting sober.” 

In fact, on VH1’s “Sober House” in the past, he talked a lot about his sexuality with Dr. Drew. After charged with DUI and busted for marijuana possession, his 10th rehab session included a no-sex rule that truly challenged him.

 “I’ll try anything,” he told Tyra Banks on his talk show. “I really have tried everything, except nothing with animals. There’s only room for one animal – that would be me.”

He insists that he is equally attracted to both men and women, but like most bisexuals, he’s not accepted in either community. The story sounds like any bisexual.

“I say, ‘I’m bi, my love knows no gender,’ and the straight community says, ‘Oh right, that’s just a cover-up – you’re gay!’” Andy says. “And the gay community says, ‘Yeah right, that’s just a cover-up – you’re gay, They both want to push me straight.” 

He does advise: “Everyone knows how to do it: you stop drinking and stop using drugs. Simple. It’s that damn follow-through that is so hard! So, if you or someone you love is having a hard time with drugs and/or alcohol, keep reading. Man, I sound like one of those lame addiction center commercials. In a way, this is a little like that because I am now in the awesome position to help people. I have the rare opportunity to save lives. I mean we all really do.”


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Mike Szymanski

Mike Szymanski has written about bisexual issues since 1989 and has one of the longest-running regular bisexual columns as the National Bisexuality Examiner. He came out as bisexual in a cover story of Genre magazine, which resulted in more than 50 television appearances, including Ricki Lake, Phil Donahue Show and 20/20. Szymanski won the Lambda Literary Award in 2007 for co-authoring an informative humor book “The Bisexual’s Guide to the Universe: Quips, Tips and Lists for Those Who Go Both Ways.”

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