Bisexual Characters on TV: a slight dip this year


Among the 701 series regulars counted this year across 97 primetime scripted television programs on the five broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, The CW, Fox and NBC), 31 are LGBT, which is an increase from last year.

When it comes to sexual orientation, the diversity of LGBT regular and recurring scripted characters is more diverse on cable television than on broadcast. Gay men have a smaller share but still represent the majority of LGBT characters on cable at 49%. Lesbian women still make up a considerable percentage of LGBT characters at 27%.

Bisexual women represent 15% of LGBT characters on cable while bisexual men only represent 8%.

Gay men make up 61% of the LGBT characters counted on broadcast this year, a figure similar to last year. The percentage of lesbian characters has increased from 15% last year to 20% this year, while bisexual representation dropped from 24% to 18% (14% are bisexual women and 4% are bisexual men).

Though Fox has a high percentage of LGBT characters among its scripted primetime programs, that’s almost exclusively attributable to its comedy lineup.

Once again, Bones will be the only Fox drama to feature an out regular or recurring character.

Bisexual forensics expert Angela Montenegro continues to be a part of the series as it enters its 8th season. She is married to one of the show’s male supporting characters.

Returning this season is the popular drama Revenge, which features bisexual Nolan. Read more:


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