Blockbuster Exhibit Of Bisexual Artist Frida Kahlo and Her Husband Diego Rivera


In a time when bisexual people find themselves besieged by both wings of the seemingly monolithic monosexual culture; portrayed on the one had as a beguiling, seductive but in the end a wicked, dangerous and frequently diseased “other” by the straight over-culture and at best as silly dilettantes and day-tippers, but frequently cowardly, parasitical and ultimately untrustworthy sometimes “allies” by the mainstream lesbian/gay culture; in both cases false reflections, distortions as if we are only ever seen as distorted shapes in a circus fun-house mirror … what a wonderful thing it is to walk into the blockbuster exhibit Frida and Diego: Passion, Politics and Painting running until May 2013 at Atlanta GA’s High Museum of Art and see looking back at us from across time … ourselves!

And what a marvelously talented, challenging and yes, human and flawed but ultimately triumphant and aspirational person our dear sister-in-spirit Frida Kahlo is. Even though she was born over 100 years ago in 1907 and died at only 47 in 1954 she is so accessible that she could be our net-friend. We can easily see her posting her art and comments on Tumbr, tagging them perhaps #artist #feminist #daughter #wife #lover #revolutionary #mexican #international #indigenous #catholic #communist #surrealist #naïve art # folk art #self-portrait #disabled #chronically ill #non-binary #bisexuality. And charting her turbulent and frequently painful personal life on Facebook, Relationship “Married“: Diego Rivera – Status: “It’s Complicated!  Not to mention “In An Open Relationship” with:  Paulette Goddard +  Isamu Noguchi + Josephine Baker + Leon Trotsky +  Dolores del Río + Nikolas Muray + Georgia O’Keeffe + of course her dear BFF Chavela Vargas.  And while that list may look exhausting, it is far, far from exhaustive.


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