The West Coast Premiere of “Boy Meets Girl” Wows San Diego


The West Coast Premiere of Eric Schaeffer’s romantic comedy, Boy Meets Girl, received a standing ovation from the opening night audience at San Diego’s FilmOut 2014 Film Festival. The film went on to sweep a staggering number of the Festival Awards.

It is the story of a young trans woman, living in a tiny Kentucky town, who has aspirations to become a fashion designer and hopes to find love somewhere along the way. Although she has been primarily attracted to males, she finds herself attracted to a young cisgender woman.

The film explores issues of gender and sexuality in a heart-felt manner with humor. The main character, Ricky, explores her attraction to others in a more open way than the other characters partially because her own transgender experience enables her to see and appreciate others for who they are without looking at them through a rigid gender lens. Thus, an acceptance of a more fluid sexuality seems more natural for her. The other characters struggle with the question, “Does this make me gay?” and come to terms with the possibility of bisexuality in their own individual ways.

Many films which portray transgender characters as isolated, lonely and longing for acceptance, but this character is confident and self-assured and has a supportive small-town community who accept and love her. Schaeffer’s casting of actress Michelle Hendley, a beautiful trans woman, in the lead role of Ricky, breaks new ground and brings a special sense of authenticity to it.

The movie was honored as Best Narrative Feature. Eric Schaeffer won awards for both Best Screenplay and Best Director. In addition, the four lead actors won awards as well. Best Actor in a Feature Film was awarded to Michael Welch; Michelle Hendley won Best Actress in a Feature Film; Michael Galante won Best Actor in a Supporting Role, and Best Actress in a Supporting Role went toAlexandra Turshen.The FilmOut Audience Awards are voted on by the audience. “Boy Meets Girl” won Best Narrative Feature. Audience Awards went to Michelle Hendley for Best Actress in a Feature Film and Alexandra Turshen for Best Actress in a Supporting Role.


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