Alan Cumming Talks About his Bisexuality


Actor Alan Cumming was surprisingly frank when film critic Sam Rubin asked him about his sexuality label at a booksigning event in Santa Monica, California. “I still classify myself as bisexual,” the actor said, to some applause.

Cumming’s husband, Grant Shaffer, and he had just come from an interview taping with TV interviewer Larry King. He said Larry did “go there” with the sexuality question, and to be fair, it was a question that came up from fans on the Facebook page asking for questions to pose to Cumming.

The Larry King interview was tape just prior to the book-signing for his provocative “Not My Father’s Son—A Memoir by Alan Cumming.”

“I told Larry that I had a boyfriend even before I was married (to a woman),” and Cumming said he tried to relate the interviewer to a contemporary star of his, Clive Davis, who came out as a bisexual in his recent book. Cumming was married to a woman, they divorced, and he is now legally married to a man. And, he is bisexual.

“People don’t understand it,” Cumming laughed. “I still classify myself as bisexual,” the actor said, to some applause.

Cumming, 49, is successful in movies, TV and theater. He has a range of roles like Nightcrawler in “X-Men 2,” Fegan Floop in the “Spy Kids” films, and Boris Grishenko in the James Bond “GoldenEye.” He plays Eli Gold in “The Good Wife” and took the stage for “Cabaret” and “MacBeth.”

Cumming talked about some celebrity friends, like his friend Jennifer Jason Leigh, whom he co-created “The Anniversary Party” with, and said he hopes to do a follow up of the characters some day. He also talked about his abusive father, and memories he had about his brother and him growing up in fear. He teased the audience about being a “bad gay” for not remembering too much about shooting a Cyndi Lauper music video that he is, and he talked about working on an Obama fundraiser.

He wasn’t sure what will like ahead for him in his career, but he was definitely sure of one thing, that he is still bisexual, and expects he always will be.


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