The Violence Continues Against Transgender People


This year has been an especially brutal year for transgender people internationally. The stories of the gruesome murders and violence seem to be some of the worst that I have ever heard: An 8 year old gender variant child being murdered by parents; a husband cutting up and cooking his transgender wife in a pot; the horrid stories continue to come out.

At every level transgender people are assaulted, attacked, denounced and victimized by hateful individuals. Violence toward transgender people is at an epidemic proportion.

Statistics, alone do not reflect the depth of the tragedies that have occurred this year. The stories about real transgender people are much more than a simple number in a database. They were sisters, brothers, friends, parents, grandchildren and much more. One of the stories happened in Brazil recently: This past October, Raisa Rios, the President of the Associacao das Travestis do Acre (Atrac), in Brazil was crushed by a wall that collapsed and killed her. This in and of itself is tragic, however more tragedy was to follow. Adriana Aquino had transitioned at age 11. She left home and eventually moved in with Raisa. Adriana had been living with Raisa prior to Raisa’s death, and ended up homeless and on her own in Rio Branco, Brazil where for over a month, she had been beaten according to her sister.

On November 9th, Adriana Aquino, age 16 was beaten and shot to death.

As we enter Transgender Awareness 2014 and the International Transgender Day of Remembrance, the Transgender Violence Tracking Portal has been working hard to collect and investigate the data of violence transgender individuals suffer across the world and report out what we are finding.
Overall 270 murders, 77 instances of direct physical violence, 6 suicides, 4 silicone murders and 3 missing persons were **reported from November 19, 2013 to November 14, 2014. For many of the victims we have scant details, yet the details we have are horrific. Transgender murders are the most brutal in the world. Most alarming is the murders of children and youth.

Every 32 hours a transwoman is reported murdered.

Since the opening in March 2014 of the Transgender Violence Tracking Portals we have received over 2200 direct **reports from the community and allies of anti-transgender violence and have located over 8500 additional news reports through our search engines and web investigative teams. We currently have a large backlog of cases we are reviewing and investigating. The stark reality is our search engines have just begun their long journey through many news and historical archives to locate the violence that has been committed for years against our community and we are discovering many unreported acts of violence and murders.
In the coming months, more statistical analysis will be conducted by the TVTP to provide an even more in-depth report concerning the violence against transgender individuals. We are grateful to each person taking an active role in bringing further awareness to the plights of those who are transgender. Please continue to report and inform us of any victims that you may know of.

To Report Transgender Violence, Murders, Missing Persons, Suicides or Harassments, please go here:


If you desire a Transgender Day of Remembrance list of names, please go to this link for instructions.

*We should note that each case that is reported to the TVTP does not necessarily encompass all the violence that occurs to transgender people. In fact, the reporting that has been entered and located in our opinion has barely scratched the surface of the true level of violence occurring. As the internet capabilities grow, and our researchers are able to investigate the substantial backlog of cases, we believe we will have a better picture of the violence and transphobia.

**Many of the initial murder reports individuals have sent to us have come from lists derived from many sources including the Trans Murder Monitor project in Europe as well as previous Transgender Day of Remembrance lists. In addition to these two projects, thousands of news articles, blog submissions and data submissions continue to pour in from individuals all over the world.


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