Nicole Kristal Launches Still Bisexual Media Project


Nicole Kristal has been tired of trying to explain herself. When she’s dating a man, people ask “Oh, are you straight now?”

When she’s dating a woman, they ask “Oh, are you a lesbian now?”

No, she’s still bisexual.

So she has launched a project: “Still Bisexual.”

#StillBisexual is a social media and video campaign that aims at dispelling one of the main misconceptions about bisexuals — that they don’t stay that way.

Whether single or in a relationship, regardless of our partners genders, our orientation persists. The bisexual orientation is static for most of us. We are still bisexual — no matter how many times folks may ask!

The #StillBisexual campaign aims to deliver this message via homemade confessional-style videos presented silently via handwritten title cards accompanied by a music track.



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