AIB Rep Appears on Dr. Phil Show


Penn, a writer and social worker, was invited to attend and comment from the front row after the show’s producer had consulted with GLAAD in order to find a spokesperson.

Cindi Creager, Director of National News with GLAAD, placed Penn on the show and provided invaluable assistance and support for her.

The episode, entitled, “Relationship Surprises,” features guests who have struggled with or had shifts in their sexual orientation, including Headline News Anchor Jane Velez-Mitchell. Also featured are a lesbian mother who finds herself attracted to men since giving birth, and a straight mother calls in wondering about her teenage daughter’s bisexuality.

Dr. Phil asked Penn for comments during taping.

The program is distributed by CBS. The episode airs Thursday, October 8th.

About The Show:

Relationship Surprises – Thursday – October 8, 2009

See what Denise has to say

You may think you know your loved ones, but could they be hiding a secret that would shock you? Jane Velez-Mitchell, host of HLN’s Issues with Jane and author of the new book, iWant: My Journey from Addiction and Overconsumption to a Simpler, Honest Life, opens up about her struggles with alcoholism and sexual identity. Learn how she came to terms with being a lesbian, how she revealed her sexuality on a radio show and how it affects her loved ones.

And, Barbara, 39, knew she was gay at the age of 13, but ever since having a child via in vitro fertilization, she finds herself having doubts. What is behind her shift in sexuality? And, a mother of a teen claiming to be bisexual wants to know if it’s just a phase. Is she harming her daughter by not supporting her sexual identity?

Visit The Dr. Phil Website for a recap and more information on this show.

Visit the GLAAD Blog at to read their take on the show.


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Denise Penn

Denise Penn is a Southern California-based journalist who has covered issues for the LGBT and HIV-affected community for nearly two decades. While an investigative reporter for the Blade Newsmagazine, her coverage of hate crimes became part of Congressional records. She served as News Editor for the Lesbian News and has contributed to In Los Angeles Magazine, EDGE, and many others. She is also a clinical social worker and brings that perspective to her articles. She produced and hosted an award-winning community television program in Long Beach, California for 12 years.

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