Author and Artist Kirven At Center of HRC Flag Controversy


On Wednesday March 27th 2013 a coalition of several thousand LGBTQ+ People and their Allies rallied for for Marriage Equality on the steps of the US Supreme Court in Washington DC under the banner of the “United for Marriage Coalition. The coalition was made up of a number of national LGBTQ organizations including Get Equal and the Human Rights Campaign (HRC).

During the event some HRC Staffers harassed an activist who was waving a Transgender Pride flag. This is not the first time the gigantic and wealthy Human Rights Campaign has found itself in trouble with the “B” and the “T” in LGBT.  While duly praised for it’s excellent work on behalf of Gay Men it has had it’s troubles in 2007 with the Transgender Community and their Bisexual friends over ENDA.  It recently was one of the organization receiving a failing grade on Bisexual Activist Ron Suresha National Report Card and is the object of widespread censure by LGBTQ Activists for it’s failure to include Bisexuals in it’s areas of concern.  [Ed note: After first denying it had even occurred, HRC has since backed away from the incident and is apologizing for this and other sins … by inches … on a daily basis … ).

Immediately rushing to the distraught young activists assistance was C.d. Kirven a LGBT, Author, Artist & Filmmaker who was there in her capacity as an organizer with the Dallas chapter of Get Equal. And who, in a gallant gesture worthy of any s/hero in an adventure novel, passed off her own Bisexual Pride flag to other demonstrators, picked up the fallen Tran Pride flag and kept it flying thru-out the entire event. Kirven gave this dramatic first-hand account of what transpired to PlaneTransgender:

Bryan (Ellicott) was waving the (Trans Pride) flag for Alex as I waved the Bi Pride flag. When HRC asked Bryan to remove the flag an argument ensued then another woman walked up to Bryan stating she was going to burn the flag while I was having words with the first women then Bryan dropped the flag on the ground and ran off crying.

I tried to console him but he kept crying. I grabbed the Trans Pride flag and dared either one to say anything to me. The HRC didn’t want the Trans pride flag behind the speakers bc they did not want to explain what it meant to the press. As a matter of fact, the lady from HRC told Bryan ” This is about marriage equality not the Trans community.

I did pick up the flag from the ground & made sure it was in every shot. I waved it proudly the rest of the rally. I said Trans pride is gay pride and gay pride is Trans pride.”

We will no longer be satisfied living in the shadows of freedom. ~C.d. kirven

While certainly no stranger to publicity, Kirven is more used to her noteriety coming from being an Author, Artist, Filmmaker as well as an  LGBT Activist. At age of sixteen she wrote an article about corporal punishment that went over the AP wire which generated enough interest that ultimately restricted its use in Texas public schools. She is a Lambda Literary nominated author for her debut book, What Goes Around Comes Back Around.

A nationally known artist, her artwork appeared at the 2009 Butch Voices Conference in Oakland, CA and her art was featured in the December 2009 issue of Curve Magazine. Kirven created the first GLBT cell phone documentary, about same sex intimate partner abuse, called “The Dark Side of the Rainbow”, which was featured at several film festivals around the country. And created “TAO Diaries”, a Black Lesbian Comic.

Kirven is a contributing writing for several LGBT media outlets including;, Bilerico, ABIENTE magazine, Dallas Voice, Bay Windows, Dallas Post Tribune, San Diego Gay & Lesbian News, KVUE ABC, Telemundo and many others.

Kirven has an online clothing line at Zazzle & is editing her online reality show about her life called SOULPRINT. Ms. Kirven is currently working on a screenplay, her second book,The Glass Closet and a documentary.


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