Bisexual Dutch Olympic Speedskater Wins Gold


Could it be that an openly bisexual athlete be the one to cool Russian President Vladimir Putin and his hardline stance toward LGBT folk?

That may be the case after Dutch speedskater Ireen Wust had a short moment (a “cuddle” she says) with Putin after her Olympic win.

While in Sochi, she told ABC News and other press outlets that she got a surprise hug from the president, who has signed onto restrictive anti-gay laws in Russia.

Wust is open as bisexual—many media outlets incorrectly referred to her as lesbian, and then they were forced to retract their characterization and use the “b word.” She is now in a relationship with a man.

At the age of 19, Wüst won the gold medal in the 2006 Winter Olympic Games 3000-meter event. She is the youngest Dutch Olympic champion in Winter Games history. Four years later in the 2010 Winter Olympic Games she won the 1500-meter event.

Wust beat out Russian speedskater Olga Graf in the 3,000-meters race, and jokingly took a bite out of the gold medal she won in the race. She also took the stage two other times winning silver medals in Speedskating the 1,500-meter and 1,000-meter races. (She has one more race, the 5,000-meter, coming up on Feb. 19.) She met Putin and told the press about it afterward.

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