Film explores ‘L.A. A Queer History’ through all sorts of art


A unique project in the works will show how important Los Angeles history is connected to the LGBT history. The kick-off campaign for fundraising for “L.A.-A Queer History” begins Sept. 15 and also begins a Kickstarter campaign.

Director Gregorio Davila has a passion to bring the Queer History to film and include a lot of homo art as well in the project.

“Part of healing within American society has to do with the past and dealing with issues from which the LGBTQ community has risen from. History is being rewritten through the eyes of the LGBTQ Americans in LA: A Queer History, featuring profound eras of early California from the native American experience, the Catholic Spaniard colonization, the western pioneer migration, the establishment of the entertainment capitol of the world and up to and including the mid-20th century gay civil rights struggles, the founding of the first ever gay city, the devastation of the AIDS crisis and the pain of Proposition 8,” the director explains.


The project producers see LA: A Queer History, not only as a documentary but as a living historical document that will be available to all on the Internet. Already, there is a partnership with Millennia Scope Entertainment Foundation for their fiscal sponsorship and production mentoring. The MESEF is dedicated to eradicating homophobia through TV and film, and encouraging LGBTQ filmmakers to create projects which promote diversity, increased visibility and inspires acceptance.

The filmmakers to create projects which promote diversity, increased visibility and inspires acceptance. The filmmakers believe that most people believe that the Stonewall Riots was the beginning of the Civil Rights Movement for gay rights, but they have discover that it really began in Los Angeles much earlier—all the way back to 1947.

“The project is meant to showcase Los Angeles as a destination of innovators, creators and pioneers while showing the enduring spirit across all communities,” Davila says.

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