Is Kristen Stewart Bisexual? And Why Should It Matter to the Rest of Us?


It’s a national obsession to speculate about the sexual preference of young celebrities these days. Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Harry Styles, Ellen Page, Josh Hutcherson, Lindsay Lohan. If you’re young, famous-to-super-famous, and are good looking, the questions come up.

Kristen Stewart

And it’s not that they are gay or lesbian—the label they are getting is: “Bisexual!”

Perhaps the thought is that this new “whatever” generation is a lot more open to being free about who they are, and less caught up with labels. They are increasingly aware that how they identify isn’t going to affect their box office appeal. Or, they just don’t care.

But sometimes, the scrutiny can be too much to bear, and that seems to be happening to one of the most promising young actresses of the day—Kristen Stewart. The 25-year-old actress sprang from being the “older sister” in Zathura in 2005 to trying decide between a werewolf and a vampire in The Twilight Movies to the critically-acclaimed roles in Still Alice and the just-released Clouds of Sils Maria.

She has had a longtime relationship with her Twilight co-star Rob Pattinson, but then there were rumors that they had an “open relationship” and she was also able to see girls and other guys on the side.

Then, there were photos of her in the tabloids with a girl, visual effects producer Alicia Cargile, and Stewart just had enough. She told Vanity Fair that she is taking a break from being the highest paid young starlet in the entertainment industry because she hates the public scrutiny.

At a somber private party after a memorial service, Stewart seemed pleasant enough, but shy. She has perfected the pouty personality that seems to define this generation of youth, and she played the part so well as the rebellious daughter to Julianne Moore’s character in Still Alice who is facing the early onset of Alzheimer’s disease.

Since she was 19 Stewart purposely perpetuated the lesbian rumors about herself, almost as a joke to off-set scrutiny of her relationship with Pattinson. Then, there was the kiss between she and Dakota Fanning in the movie The Runaways, that caused so much fuss that the actresses got bored about answering questions about it.

Some online scrutinizers herald back to her role as a child in 2002’s Panic Room where she played the daughter to out lesbian actress Jodie Foster. Stewart may seem uncomfortable wearing a dress, she may seem more of a tom-boy than a girlie-girl, she may really enjoy softball, but that shouldn’t throw a big questions mark up about her sexual preferences.

Stewart has purposefully avoided saying anything about any recent relationship, and appropriately says it is nobody’s business.

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No matter how long she has dated a man, if she’s with a woman, she’s suddenly a “lesbian” according to some media. If she’s dating a woman, and she’s suddenly seen with a man, she has “made the switch,” others will report. More and more, today, however, media are seeing that the term “bisexual” can be real for many of these young celebs.

But, obviously, it is people’s business, because young people want to know that if someone who is that far in the “cool crowd” could be freely bisexual, and out and open and unashamed, then maybe they could be, too.

And, then, of course, the world will be a better place.


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