North American Premiere of THE BISEXUAL REVOLUTION (La Bisexualite:Tout Un Art)


The North American premiere of The Bisexual Revolution (La Bisexualite :Tout Un Art) was screened at the Director’s Guild of America to a nearly sold-out crowd on July 10, 2010.

French film makers Eric Wastiaux and Laure Michel, who produced and directed the film were there and participated in a Q & A and panel discussion along with Bisexual American Film maker Kyle Schickner, and journalists Denise Penn and Mike Szymanski.

The documentary has been seen by more than a million television viewers in France and Germany . This was the first time it was shown in America. The view of sexuality presented by the film was very European and unique to some of the activists in the audience and was echoed by Michel: “We should do whatever feels right and makes us happy. What is all the fuss about?”


Believe it or not, Mick Jagger was not the first bisexual. In fact, going both ways dates back to ancient Greece, when heterosexuality was not the norm. This fascinating documentary, featuring John Cameron Mitchell and French pop star Yelle, explores and uncovers the history and modern-day perceptions of this often misunderstood culture. Interviews with prominent artists, designers and writers are interspersed with archival footage from around the world.

In a world visibly divided between gay and straight, the bisexual is easily overlooked. We undertake a rare examination of society’s view of bisexuality and its expression in contemporary art and culture.

From Europe to North America, the film traces the history of bisexuals from ancient times through the liberation movements of the ’70s and beyond. Archive footage and film clips portray a wide range of cultural artifacts from the worlds of music, literature and cinema: David Bowie to Tokio Hotel, Brett Easton Ellis to Philippe Besson, John Schlesinger‘s Sunday Bloody Sunday to Ang Lee‘s Brokeback Mountain.

The final segment of the film examines the evolving norms of youth culture. What does the future hold as bisexuality moves from the exotic to the banal?

Panelists: Mike Szymanski, Denise Penn, Eric Wastiaux, Laure Michel, Kyle Schickner

Co-auteur et co réalisateur avec Laure Michel de ce 56 minutes. De plus en plus de personnes se définissent comme bisexuelles ou assument leur attirance pour les deux sexes. À Paris, Berlin, New York, San Francisco, Montréal, des artistes – chanteurs, cinéastes, écrivains, couturiers – sont en plein questionnement et contribuent à la reconnaissance de cette identité. Si le sujet a été maintes fois repris par la suite, en 2008, ce documentaire était le premier à traiter de la bisexualité. Il a été diffusé deux fois par Arte. Sélection au OUTFEST festival de LOS ANGELES 2010.

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THE BISEXUAL REVOLUTION (La Bisexualite:Tout Un Art)

The Directors of THE BISEXUAL REVOLUTION (La Bisexualite:Tout Un Art): Eric Wastiaux and Laure Michel

More Movie Info: IMDB Listing For La bisexualite: Tout un art?


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